Unlike carpeting, your furniture does not get walked on and may appear as though it is clean. Furniture picks up dead skin cells, bacteria, body oils from hands and head. Pure Flow Clean will gently clean, sanitize and protect the furniture – it will look spectacular. Count on a fresh and long lasting clean for the upholstery! We clean all synthetics, delicate blends, natural and leather fabrics.

We use a neutral cleaner that is gentle and has special surfactants to loosen soil within the fabric. By lifting dirt and stains to the surface, impacted soil can be easily extracted. We use very little moisture to protect against mold and mildew, and our cleaning process uses residue free cleaning. The conditioning formula we use is environmentally safe to people and pets and is made from the best green certified cleaning compounds that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Your furniture will dry in a short time and be ready for use. Protecting the fabric will guard against accidental spills, stains and odor. Furniture will stay cleaner longer, vacuum better and look great!