Carpet is a major investment and must be cleaned at least once a year. For homes with children and pets, it is recommended to clean the carpet every six months. The leading method for carpet cleaning is Hot Water Extraction. We pre-condition the carpet to loosen soil and spots. After allowing the cleaning solution proper dwell time, the carpet in ready to rinse it out and rinse out the dirt. Following the rinse, we use repeated dry strokes to increase dry times. The finished results is a carpet that is clean, sanitized and soft to the touch.


Every cleaning gets our full attention. Upon arrival, we starts with a walk through inspection to determine cleaning and repair recommendations. We then pre-vacuum and spot treat the carpet wall to wall. Corner guards are placed around the house to protect the walls from our vacuum hoses. We follow up by applying a Green Certified Residue Free Pre Conditioner into the carpet to loosen and suspend soil. After proper dwell time is achieved, the carpet is ready to be rinsed with our Truck Mount Cleaning System. Next, we have a deep rinsing process using only water that is filtered through a water softener on board our truck. We use no synthetic acid or alkaline detergent rinses as used by nearly all other carpet cleaning companies. These rinsing agents are not environmentally safe, and leave behind residue that attracts new soil and leaving the carpet fibers stiff.


The start of a good maintenance program begins before the carpet becomes visually soiled. To keep it looking plush, regular cleanings by a professional is a must. Give Pure Flow Clean a call today and schedule a service. We can complete our carpet cleaning service in a timely and efficient manner so that you can get back to your day. You will feel fantastic knowing your carpet is clean, sanitized and soft to the touch.


Pure Flow Clean leaves no residue behind – leaving residue behind causes the carpet to re-soil quickly. Our cleaning is able to rinse and flush away 95% of residue and dirt left behind by others. The results we achieve enhance color vibrancy and a new look appearance. When dry, the carpet is defiantly clean, residue free, and soft to the touch.

Our 4 Step Cleaning Process

Below is a description of what takes place in each step of the cleaning process, and an explanation of why each step is so important.

1. Vacuuming: This is a critical step within the process; it removes dry particulate and heavy debris lying deep in the fibers. Dry soil is sand, grit, food particles, hair and dander. It’s estimated that 75% of all soil found in most carpets are in the form of dry particulates. Its abrasive characteristics make it extremely damaging and will prematurely wear out the carpet by scratching and abrading the fibers. It will also cause the carpet to become dull and lifeless.

2. Pre-Conditioning: The remaining dirt in your carpet is in the form of impacted oils, starches, grease and grime. The composition of these types of soil are acidic and will need a mild alkaline preconditioner to neutralize and release them from the carpet strands. Pure Flow Clean does not rely on high alkalinity, nor soap and detergent to get the job done. Our cleaning uses mild alkaline solutions that are able to remove most spot and stains. Our process cleans gently but thoroughly with the highest degree of efficiency. Most importantly your carpets are residue free and stay cleaner longer.

3. Spotting Treatment: We treat all spotting throughout the carpet – the majority are water soluble. Anything that does not remove with normal cleaning is a permanent stain. We are experienced in removing permanent stains through advanced stain removal procedures as part of our additional services.

4. Hot Water Extraction: This last and final step is where the effect of our work takes place, and the majority of our efforts and skills take over. This is where both cleaning solution and dirt is flushed from the surface of the carpet leaving a residue free long lasting clean. The carpet dries clean, sanitized and soft to the touch.


Many customers express that shortly after having their carpets cleaned by another company: the carpets looked a bit cleaner, the stains appear soon after the cleaning or the carpets look the same as before. The reason is due to four fundamental drawbacks: do it yourself cleanings with store bought spotting agents, company employee inexperience, ineffective cleaning processes, and/or poorly functioning equipment.


You may have rented an underpowered portable machine from the store to clean your carpet and store bought one or more cleaning products – those products are of inferior quality and leave behind a soapy residue. These hash cleaners, once oxidized in the carpet, leave the nap discolored, dark, dingy and stiff. And they ultimately cause the carpet to prematurely attract new soil. Pure Flow Clean uses only the finest Green Certified and Lab Tested cleaning solutions that leave behind no residue. Carpets dry clean, sanitized and soft to the touch.

Carpet cleaning companies have a high turnover rate with their employees. Because this is so, they are constantly taking applications and filling vacancies. The training takes only two weeks to complete. It’s not enough time to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively and properly train the technician. It’s easy to make costly mistakes if the new technician does not know what he/she is doing. Many new technician think it’s only cleaning, and how hard can it be? The truth is, this is not ordinary cleaning. There is an IICRC certification that must take place before the 2 weeks field training begins. Pure Flow Clean technicians are trained and qualified in a variety of cleaning applications and procedures. We deliver professional quality with outstanding results and our workmanship is guaranteed.

There are many outdated carpet cleaning machines and cleaning processes being used by a large number of companies. They use high alkaline chemicals, soap, and detergent pre-sprays to emulsify impacted oils in the carpet fibers. They also combine heated water with synthetic acid or high alkaline detergent rinsing chemicals; these are toxic and leave behind soil attracting residue. Many of these companies also use high heat water temperatures that only damage and over wet the carpet. If a technician is unaware or unskilled, there is a tendency where the liquefied soils get pushed down into the backing and even into the padding below. Afterwards, there is a chance of mold or mildew happening. Once normal walking resumes, stains and soils wick upward and re-soil the carpet. Pure Flow Clean, on the other hand, effectively pre conditions the heavily impacted traffic areas with cleaners that have no soap or detergents in them. With our Green Certified Solution we are able to break down the dirt; thus, we make fewer rinse passes and multiply dry passes. This process eliminates over-wetting the carpet and improves dry times.

The Truck mount carpet cleaning business has a high overhead. Maintaining a truck and its equipment is a must if you want quality work. With the vast majority of companies cutting back on maintenance to save money, their trucks and equipment suffers and the proper maintenance is not performed. For this reason, there is a considerable drop in the machine’s performance and job quality.
Pure Flow Clean has an impeccable service program in place for our vehicles, truck mount machines and equipment. Combining workmanship with the skill level of our technicians, we are able to deliver the highest levels of auto detailing, carpet cleaning, area rug and hard surface cleaning. We simply are the best.