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Carpet Cleaning & Repairs

Carpet Cleaning


We restore and maintain carpets to look their best year round. Ask about our maintenance program.




Rips, cuts and burns worsen and become larger if not repaired.



Tightening carpet eliminates delamination to backing threads and premature wear to face yarn.




Repairing broken seams prevents the yarn from unraveling and delamination from occurring.



Synthetic Fabrics


Are durable but become soiled by perspiration, body oils, dead skin cells, and filter dust. They are wet cleanable and should be serviced yearly to maintain their look and feel.


 Delicate or Blended Fabrics


Require mild cleaners and a low moisture process with special cleaners to avoid damaging the material.


 Natural Fabrics

 Need dry cleaning or a low moisture process with special cleaners to avoid damaging the material.



Embedded soil damages and dulls leather but with professional cleaning and conditioning can look stunning.




Are soiled not only by perspiration and dead skin cells but also is home to dust mites and bedbugs. It is advisable to clean, deodorize and sanitize mattresses yearly.


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Rug Cleaning

rolled up colorful turkish carpets in a kist on display

Synthetic and Blended Rugs


These are typical rugs found in many homes but become dull and lifeless when they become soiled. Having them cleaned professionally restores color and texture.


Wool and Natural Fiber Rugs

They require special cleaning to protect construction and color fastness. Don’t let your fine textile become dull and unsightly.


Tile and Grout


Tile and grout become dingy looking and require professional cleaning to restore tile and grout to a bright finish. Then grout is sealed to guard against soil/water penetration.


Natural Stone

Natural stone can become dull from impacted soils but with professional cleaning or restoration can be brought back to life.



Wood Floors

Wood Floor

Imbedded soil permeates wood flooring and its finish. Professional cleaning removes dirt and grime to uncover color and shine then sealed to protect.


Odor Elimination and Contamination Removal



Treatment and removal of vomit and feces prevents dangerous infectious diseases and protects the health and well-being of your family.


Pet Urine Contamination


Removing pet urine from the subfloor upward eliminates the health risk from urine contamination.


Odor Elimination


Removing mal-odors not only freshens the indoor air quality but also eliminates microbial bacterial growth, and the health risk it poses to the pets, family, and especially infants and children.


Auto Detail

Corner of car mat with floor holder in white car interior




We are a full service mobile auto detail provider. We clean and restore auto interiors including: carpets, floor mats, seating, headliner, vinyl and leather. It is advisable to apply fabric protectant once cleaned. Have your automobile cleaned on a yearly basis!


blue microfiber cloth for cleaning aindrops on glass after rain Background




Maintain your car or truck with routine maintenance wash and wax. An automobile clear coat becomes scratched, imbedded with soil, losing its luster and can be polished to restore a deep mirror shine. We provide detailing services at your place of business or home through our mobile service.


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Emergency Services

Emergency Logo

Water Damage


Emergency Service provides immediate extraction of standing water to avoid property damage and mold. Harmful contamination from pesticides or raw sewage present health risk from toxins and dangerous pathogens that cause disease.


Mold Remediation

Mold causes a major health risk. It forms between walls and building materials and causes illness.


Residential and Commercial Services


Carpet Cleaning


We restore and maintain carpets to look their best year round. Ask about our maintenance program.




Eliminating odor and sanitizing carpets are good for indoor air quality, and general cleanliness.


Stain Removal


We remove permanent staining and unsightly blemishes in your carpet.


Spot Dyeing

Bleached spots and discolorations can be repaired through professional spot dye application. Sun fading can be fixed through color correction dying to enhance color stability.


Carpet Dyeing


Restore vibrant color and luster to faded carpets with the same dyes used at the mill.


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