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The Home Decor is a large and costly investment. It reflects a homeowners unique style and personality. To maintain the cleanliness and color integrity of your home interior furnishings, we can apply Dupont Teflon Stain Protection to all carpet and upholstery after being cleaned.
The immediate benefits to having Dupont Teflon Stain Protectant applied to all carpet and upholstery is the protective barrier it creates. This highly durable barrier will bond to fibers. The invisible barrier guards against water and oil based spills. Dupont Teflon maintains color integrity and supports stain protection.
Dupont Teflon Treatment will also optimize the effectiveness of vacuuming away 30% more dirt and debit within the fibers. With this confidence, you can be assured that spills and accidents can be dealt immediately with greater success in avoiding stains or damage. It is the best line of defense that otherwise could prove disastrous.
To have Dupont Teflon Treatment in your carpet and upholstery is a wise choice – you will maintain a beautiful home!


  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Travertine
  • Granite
  • Terrazzo
  • Terra Cotta
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl

Solid surfaces add beauty to any home and have become very popular in recent years. There is a wide range of material in use that cover both walls and floors. Tile and stone is used not only in bathrooms but also in Kitchens, Wash Rooms, Entry/Hallways, Porches and Patios. Tile is found in just about every area inside and outside of the home. Tile floors require continual maintenance. On a daily basis, they need to be swept and vacuumed. On a weekly basis, grout lines need to be scrub, and tiles need to be mopped – to remain looking great. it’s no surprise that a professional maintenance program with Pure Flow Clean makes total sense. Your tile and stone floors can be cleaned and sealed at the same time and ready for light traffic in a few hours.












It’s a fact we are connected to our loveable, cuddly pets. After all, they’re family too! But how do we face the real threat of bacteria associated with urine contamination and the malodor that accompanies it ? You may have turned to store bought remedies to solve the problem; but only to find, they are expensive, ineffective and cause damage. When facing such an undertaking, it’s best you call the experts. Pure flow Clean has performed countless urine & odor removal procedures over the years; we understand what is involved. We not only have the experience, but we also have the equipment to do the job right.

• Urine saturation lies as deep as the subfloor and contaminates through ever level to the substrate. Urine crystals attach to walls, framing, tack-strip, carpet face yarn, carpet backing, padding and the even to the concrete or wood floor beneath. Once the moisture evaporates, the odor is overwhelming. And let not forget that pet urine in the carpet is a serious health risk.

• When saturation levels reach the sub-floor, they imbed and permeate the concrete or wood floor causing extreme damage and costly fix.

• It is sometimes possible to remove odor and contamination if the problem is only on the surface. This can be the case with small pets. In other cases, if it is beyond that level, a more comprehensive procedure is needed to eliminate the problem.

• Urine can stain the carpet or remove dye from the carpet fiber causing permanent damage. We can fix these common problems associated with urine contamination and odor removal.


Interior & Exterior You love your automobile and love to have that detailed look. That is why Pure Flow Clean will detail your Car, truck or RV inside and out with amazing results. Your ultimate impression will come as soon as you find yourself at the wheel. We deliver a fresh, clean interior and a mirror shine to the outside. You will be glad you let Pure Flow Clean detailing your car, truck or RV Utah County’s best Auto Detailing belongs to Pure Flow Clean. FOR AN ON LOCATION FREE ESTIMATE CALL 801-400-2770

• Auto Washing
• Paint Polishing
• Scratch Removal
• Sealing & Waxing
• Wheel Polishing
• Head Light Restoration
• Engine Cleaning
• Door Frame Cleaning
• Tire Cleaning & Conditioning


We use only the finest green certified cleaning solutions. They contain no soap or detergent. They are colorless, odorless, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Our compounds are more effective than any conventional chemical product in use by our competitors.

Pure Flow Clean leaves no residue behind to re-soil the carpet. Our cleaning is able to rinse and flush away 95% of residue and dirt left behind by others. The results we achieve enhance color vibrancy and a new look appearance. When dry, the carpet is defiantly clean, residue free, and soft to the touch.

Facility Services In today’s business world, having a great looking facility speak louder than words. Business image is key to setting the stage for how you do business. Image makes a strong point when everything you do leads to the bottom line. A clean image requires a professional maintenance program to be in place. A great maintenance program doesn’t wait for things to get dirty. Instead it schedules the frequency of cleanings so that everything looks great – every moment and all year around. You can make certain our advanced technologies remove soil, spots and stains better than any other cleaning systems. If you need spot cleaning, carpet, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and leather care, we are here for you.  Technicians and Staff IICRC Trained and Certified Technicians Experienced Industry Leaders since 1985 Residential and Commercial Services


Location or In Plant We offer on location cleaning at your home or office. This cleaning is thorough yet gentle. We service a variety of materials, dye types, and both machine/man-made rugs. We can clean your rugs in our in plant cleaning process. This cleaning generates a higher level of soil removal and is carried out by trained and certified professionals. You can take advantage of our pickup service. We will clean, roll, wrap and deliver your luxury rugs when they are finished.

1. Dusting to remove dry particulate using compressed air.

2. Washing by immersion into a bath that uses a neutral conditioner, soft water and a flushing process that uses a soft brush and deep rinse.

3. The rug is then rinsed completely by using a wringing device.

4. Finally the rug is dry and groom.


Pure Flow Clean technicians not only clean carpet, but we also repair carpet. If you feel your carpet has seen better days, let Pure Flow Clean provide you with a no obligation in-home free estimate. In most cases your carpet can be brought back to life by our professional carpet repair technicians.
FOR A FREE IN HOME ESTIMATE CALL:  + 1 (801) 400-2770

Let Pure Flow Clean restore your carpet with professional carpet dying. We use the same dyes as used by the major Carpet Mills. Quality dyes add vibrant color to sun faded carpets. They restore the luster that has been lost to damage from repeated indoor traffic and other companies who clean with harsh chemicals that damage color and construction. With our professional dye system we can put back that like new look that you remember when the carpet was first installed.